finally read a book in april!

Since February, I’ve been preoccupied working on my short fiction and reading poetry and short fiction and purchasing as much Captain Marvel merchandise as I can find, and my book-reading motivation went down. I have about a million books in my possession that I could (and should) be reading, but I’m having the hardest time focusing in the tiny bits of free time I have.

BUT! This week I finally finished reading THE FAMILIARS by Stacey Halls and it was absolutely fabulous. I’m always ALWAYS here for stories about witches (if you’ve got a rec, send it my way) and especially about female friendships and empowerment. This book had all of it, along with gorgeous, atmospheric writing and delicious historical details. I was enamored. It was definitely one of those books that inspires you to write. So this month I think I’m getting spookier, and gayer (as always. even though, disclaimer: The Familiars does not have a sapphic storyline; I would not object to someone writing some Fleetwood/Alice fanfic and sending it to me, though).

I also want to write something fairly historical? I just checked out a library book about the history of sapphism in eighteenth-century British literature, so we shall see!

Anyway, go read THE FAMILIARS because it’s really dang good and I love it. The power of women.